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Robinson described the EDL as a 'multicultural organization made up of every community in this country'. In the s, the British Union of Fascists marched through areas with high Jewish populations to intimidate and provoke them, while in the s the National Front employed similar tactics in areas with large non-white communities, an approach also used in the s and s by the British National Party till being abandoned after Racist discourse construction involves the demarcation of an in-group and an out-group, where the in-group considers itself superior and claims the right to decide who can belong, and the out-group is represented as threatening its privileges and position. EDL activism has taken place across a range of more or less public and managed spaces. The latter has established 10 chapters within its first year of operation. I want to extend my argument about the ever-changing relations among nation, sexuality, and race — outlined in my book Terrorist Assemblages — to offer an alternative perspective on what the Guardian fears is a renewal of the kinds of popular organising not seen since the heyday of the National Front 30 years ago. Papers from the British Criminology Conference.

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Pilkington characterised the EDL as an "anti-Islamist movement", [3] although noted that "there is slippage at movement level, and among individual supporters, into a broader anti-Islam or anti-Muslim position".

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To be gay and racist is no anomaly

This ranges from its populist, nationalist agenda; to its condemnation of leftwing figures on its various blogs and websites; to its strong associations with the US Tea Party movement; to its support for international far right figures, such as Geert Wilders. EDL strategists have also "advised the far-right Sweden Democrats on tactics". Many EDL members have been charged with intimidation and assaults against immigrants, and arson attacks against Mosques. The double standards at play here are obvious to many, but Tommy English and his comrades are disturbingly convinced of the righteousness of their cause and the evils of Islam. It is easy to write the EDL off as mindless thugs, but to do so is to underestimate them. Many cited coming from families who were Labour voters and sometimes trade unionists, [] but also expressed anger at Labour, regarding it as the party of multiculturalism, political correctness, mass immigration, and do-goodery. Their trajectories in and out of the movement are prosaic rather than heroic.

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Discourse and Public Dis Order". Far from being disadvantaged members of such rightwing movements, racial minorities and gay and lesbian people are offered a way of reclaiming an otherwise withheld national belonging — to be British is to be anti-Muslim — while maintaining their exceptional minority status. The New Face of Europe? Richard Price, who led the EDL's West Midlands division, has been convicted of violent behaviour, downloading indecent images of children and possessing drugs. This included 82 people who described themselves as members or expressed an interest in joining, and who agreed with the EDL's values but did not wish to join; Goodwin et al called the latter "sympathisers".

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