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The majority of my hometown is conservative, so I can dig it. Yay another Toronto person! I just want to go somewhere where its a little more socially acceptable. Feel free to email me, by the way: Talk to someone other than your friend. That and this wonderful site.

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I just want someone to talk to about my love of women!

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How to Make Gay Friends and Meet Girls: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Queer Socializing

Write in it for 2 years. There could be like jerseys and stuff. Gay and lesbian people are probably all around you, you just don't know it. I could have sworn I saw you at gay prom but now I realise I was waving at some stranger id never met, ah well! It is a small world after all!! Don't assume a gay man is going to be interested in fashion or a lesbian is automatically going to be interested in softball.

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I swear to god this is how I got my last 4 girlfriends. Go to a gay-straight alliance or LGBT community center meeting. I also, preemptive to your advice, started a blog! Please select your gender and search gender. DC may be cool, but who wants to drive there every weekend? I went there once… for bitch bingo with this amazing drag queen. How to Pick Up Chicks.

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