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Kids out there watching, sugar is not good for you. Nick, it was Ted Cruz who led the charge of presidential candidates endorsing what Mike Pence had done in signing a bill. We just have a minute left, but I wanted to ask you, one of the things I was surprised to read in your book is how the now president has changed his reading habits. Get everyone addicted to the sugar so that Obamacare remains a permanent feature of our society. Well, the Arkansas Religious Freedom Act is an extraordinary act. Has been so often wrong on the Middle East. More after we come back from a short break.

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Would she show up?

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An image of Putin and Trump kissing isn’t funny. It’s homophobic

That we learned about him in the cauldron of the long primary campaign and then the general election that followed. She said her husband who had a history of domestic violence was assaulting her and fired a shot that hit the ceiling. Good to be with you, Reverend. I do not see that happening. Why the title Renegade?

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So there may not be any real video evidence of cocaine being planted in Mr. Nick Kristof, your reaction? And I do think other candidates now will need their heads examined if they take public money. I voted for that thing. So they say, all right, Newt Gingrich, would you give the keynote address? Richard Wolffe msnbc political analyst Below: