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After they graduated, they married and had two children, Andrew and Danielleand moved to Fairview. When Katherine kills Wayne, Bree and the other housewives tell the police that Katherine was terrified of a stalker so she doesn't go to prison. Gossip about Hollywood and political players regularly screams out from the supermarket tabloids, and entire Web sites are devoted to outing allegedly closeted celebrities and elected officials. Bree has received wide acclaim, both for the character's storylines, and for Cross' portrayal. During the breakdown of her second marriage, Bree had an affair with Karl Mayerher divorce lawyer and ex-husband of her friend, Susan Delfino. While visiting Sam's home, Bree is stunned to see a photo of Rex and Sam. The business of love:

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The character herself refers to her "quirks" in terms of anal retentiveness but Rex once mentioned it by the name.

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Bree Van de Kamp

Richard then kisses Bree all of a sudden and after he leaves, Bree tells Keith everything about his father's attempts to tear them apart. Bree goes to the girlfriend, lying about how Keith doesn't want to know the child. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our Cookie Policy. While Rosie and Melissa settle nicely into what our culture assumes to be the typical gay woman, the notion that beautiful, feminine, Stepford -worthy Bree might be embodied by a closeted actress was, it seems, just too steamy to ignore.

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Ordinarily, the rumor would have been confined to cyberspace speculations. In the end, Bree ends up getting married to Trip and moving to LouisvilleKentucky where she joins a club for conservative women. Andrew is upset at losing a chance at the money but Bree tells him he can stay with her and accept her help getting back on his feet. The police go and talk to Ben, still about the murder of Alejandro. Yet, amazingly, the first phone call DataLounge says it received to confirm the posting and ask who was behind it was from The Advocate, for this story. Would you like to view this in our Asia edition?

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