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I don't care if he smells, I'd give him a bath. I know for me personally I can hardly contain myself for two months to see the proposal and Edward's bedroom scene, palpitations starting again. Edward is taking Bella home and she tells Edward that Charlie was probably staring at the clock and that he better get her home. She's not just a dumb kid talking because she's in love. Instead, she takes a roundabout way that actually attempts to make a valid point: Okay, so that's nothing to write home about; but hey, if the distributors or exhibitors don't want that money, I'll be happy to relieve them of it.

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On his Twitter page, he tweeted the following on April 15 '

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Robert Pattinson Kissing a Guy

Thank you for writing the article. Kristen was answering a question given by Ms. Eclipse opens in the U. You may not like Twilight, but it has cemented itself into the landscape of popular culture. I would love to see what got left on the cutting room floor.

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Doing a gay role early in your career is still a big risk. Robert Pattinson is only in his early 20s, and many have derided his acting abilities. Well, you won't be, I can assure you, R Isabella - hess so cute too bad hes my cousin. That's because I and my editors assume readers are intelligent enough to know we're discussing movies, not idle gossip. He would be good as Heathcliff, but he would be sensatinal as Mr. The intensity, the unpredictability, the danger are all there.

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