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Tell the Publisher! Book your event and learn with films and other provided educational material. Together, these create that amazing, yet very personal state of mind which we call "Tantric", a special mixture of bliss, ecstasy, love, and persisting feelings of deepened connection and heightened awareness of yourself, other people, and the wonderful cosmos surrounding you. I have recently entered the world of tantra, and after experiencing a tantric massage, I was very keen to explore further. On the basis of this extraordinary pathway through life, he has gained the ability to empathize with the most diverse aspects of human life and, particularly in the case of gay men, he can offer competent advice, support and direction. All of these are designed to help you discover new potentials in terms of arousal, of an awakened body state called the Ecstatic Body, and to help you feel more free, more relaxed, more alive and more connected to other men.

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It then describes a series of yogic exercises and meditation practices.

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Showing of 12 reviews. William Schindler. With open hearts, with an openness to accept everybody, let the magic of Tantra take you to new parts of yourself you never knew existed.

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A good book for some experimenting.

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