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But he did it very badly. James also tried moving his jaw but the tape gag held it firmly shut. All that struggling and rolling on the floor had created some friction. Maybe he could hop to something sharp and cut himself free. Oh, how times have changed, where those same boys with pretty faces, tight bodies, and firm asses are now parading around in form fitting gym attire everywhere they go. Then lets get you tied up.

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Oh, by the way, I love your chicken sandwiches!

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I had some things to. He struggled more and more but remained as bound as before. James knew he was gagged but surely Polawsky could hear him. A wave of relief went through James and then quickly disappeared when Polawsky grabbed his coat and headed to the door. Carefully he got to his feet. Fortunately James did still have some freedom of movement.

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I expect much from my employees. This job is very demanding, you see. I had some things to. This boy reminded me of someone I use to know. Like this guy he was short and skinny with that smooth brown skin, big doe eyes, and full lips. It was just a few years ago that guys in somewhat baggy unflattering gym clothes was the norm and the squat rack was the best chance to catch a glimpse of the hot guys and their bubble-butts.

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