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He said why and I said for making it ok for a gay man to cry on Top Chef. I think to take desserts too seriously takes a lot of the enjoyment out of them. Horriblewith goggles and rubber gloves, to pour liquid nitrogen all over his dessert. Now your mother is vegan — have you ever tried to create a really killer dessert with no milk or dairy? Hey, did you know there are some un-gays on this show too? The producers who helped put Bravo on the map with the original Project Runway and Top Chef have revitalized the seemingly exhausted cooking-competition format with a new winner that smartly combines elements of The Amazing Race and even Survivor.

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You should have gone for it.

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'Top Chef: Just Desserts' winner speaks: 'My life has been exploding all around me'

The strong, silent type. The salted caramel is my favorite too. And miraculously, all of them seem like decent, down-to-earth guys. Or what I have seen so far on the Top Chef? Did you think you were going to get eliminated or did you think it was too close to tell? These challenges are so intense.

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Morgan left and Seth. Then he made the top 3 for his Vanilla Bean Cupcake. Visually, it was appealing because they said it. Congratulations on making it past the first and second episodes. The chefs are taken to some famous L.

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