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Sure I got that, but to my surprise, there was much more to these movies. Sorry for posting this extraordinary but nasty video. Finally I relaxed and let him fuck male snuff fetish: For a moment I thought half leg was stuck in his ass Several naked girls killed - Naked Videos Thursday 29th November This exploitation flick suddenly turns into a melodramatic murder mystery cop movie! Psychopath caught his girlfriend cheating on him with another girl and stabs both of them to death.

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Thursday 25th October

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And I was terrified…for all the wrong reasons. Yet, despite the excessive morbidity and exploitation of the male body, the film actually has a plot. Girl, I think your boyfriend might be gay. Wednesday 29th August Dead Guys Never Looked So Good is ideal for the lover of exploitation flicks who also likes to see tons of young cute guys in only their underwear getting choked to death. For those of us who like a kinder, gentler form of erotica in our horror flix, a majority of this film will be disturbing.

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Monday 17th September The priest eventually holds the kid hostage. Nothing is left to the imagination—there is plenty of peen on display and even a fantasy choke kill with a pretty erect peen bouncing around. Up close on nasty gay farting. Time melts here in the heat male snuff fetish: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a bunch of necrophilic butt fuckers!

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