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Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. The boy can never be hers because he is interested in his own gender. I also agree with mypersonalsun's interpretation. General Comment And "Choking making motion" should be "Choking back emotion", right? This also goes along with the fact that at the time of this album, they were still giving off the impression of lesbians to everyone, so this interpretation really hits home. Lyrics submitted by rjbucs28edited by Raiyden. They might be friends even, but there is the onesided crush.

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I can't deny my feelings Growing strong I try to keep believing Dreaming on And every time I see you I crave more I wanna pull you closer closer closer closer but you leave me feeling frozen Malchik gei Malchik gei I can be All you need Won't your please Stay with me?

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Malchik Gay (English translation)

That would be the cause of torment for the one singing as the feelings were doomed from the very start. General Comment Well I used to have the first english CD but I lost it so I can't tell you wants wrong with the song but the title does mean Gay Boy and I do think it is about a girl that falls in love with a gay guy. They might be friends even, but there is the onesided crush. So it is definitely "malchik gei" gay boynot "malchiky" boys. I think its this song is can be unisex.

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They might be friends even, but there is the onesided crush. And to ALL those people over the years wondering it's meaning: That is my view point at least. General Comment Thank You, for the proper lyrics, finally! General Comment This song is written from the perspective of a girl who likes a gay man.

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