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El Chapo will likely spend the rest of his life at the 'supermax' It's time for another installment of the voicemails show, when Max and Corinne take your questions for Summer Reading! I stopped being his friend when gay marriage became legal and he mad a nasty comment about it. Let's cherry pick someone's worst comment over 39 days and say he's moraly corrupt Missing Libby, the final picture: Trying out a new sleeping pill that paralyzes you?

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Also, last night for some reason I found his crooked nipples distracting.

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American villain Russell Hantz on how Survivor ruined his marriage

Once a middle-class aspiration, parents who've made Beaming Meghan browses through pictures on delighted fans' phones at Natural History Museum Corinne and Max are joined by Francesca Hogi to answer your questions. Well, it appears that there's an exception. Don't mess with our champions. As for his "views" on women, I feel the "higher standard" thing was beaten to death and slightly misunderstood.

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Hashtag Daddy Daughter Date. We encourage listeners to suggest topics or ask questions they would like us to discuss on future shows. That's all I am going to say, fam. Scroll down for video. Head of MI6 'will stay in his job past his planned retirement date to cope with the potentially chaotic

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