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We could lie, but what kind of message would that send to our kids? As a kid, I was a girly boy. I always knew I wanted to be a dad, but here in Ft. Another surrogate we profiled told us about the experience of working with an HIV positive man, a population of people who once thought biological fatherhood would never be in their future, become a dad through the Special Program for Assisted Reproduction SPAR program. I will collect. We tell them our whole story.

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That doesn't leave a lot for romantic getaways or spontaneous trips.

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My priority was to take stock of my situation and figure out how I was going to proceed with my life -- adjusting to being a single dad. Unfortunately, my dad's coming out didn't instantly make all men less mysterious me. What's Working: LOL All the love that you give, you get it right back unconditional.

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Surprisingly, these families are more likely to be situated in red states than blue ones:

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