Gay and lesbain times

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February 13th, Gunman fires assault rifle into active Hillcrest eatery, no injures reported Police have arrested a man who could face nine counts of attempted murder. But the long view of the history of both the GLT and Portantino himself show an immense dedication to the community. Watch it on the big screen for its 25th anniversary. He believes in this community. Read more Photo credit: I would like to extend a special thank you to Pat McArron of Lambda Archives for his role in preserving the GLT website and associated archives, without which this initiative would likely be inconceivable.

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It now has been restored.

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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

That dedication ultimately was responsible for many of the advancements we are able to take for granted today. Like any repetitive-use prescription drug, it is a very personal decision. February 12th, Hillcrest Pride flag vandalized, local businesses take action with fundraiser A Hillcrest landmark that is supposed to signify unity, freedom, and beauty was marred by vandalism last week Feb. Maybe you should pick up our newspaper from a news stand. I would also like to thank the Portantino family for the trust they have placed in myself and Christina MacNeal to safeguard the heritage that Michael Portantino built over nearly 30 years of ownership.

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Additionally, when discussing the current papers of record in San Diego you left out Rage Monthly. Then you will undoubtedly encounter free roaming puppies What that opinion piece did, aside from stir your angst, was start a dialogue, and that is exactly what the opinion page was designed — decades ago — to do. Good luck on your new venture. I'm a sweet little girl looking for a caring, patient and gentle person who understands that I am quite shy and a little fearful when meeting new people and being put in Watch it on the big screen for its 25th anniversary. It now has been restored.

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