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He was a poet of world culture, in the European sense. We shut the book on Molly's Yes. It was spring or summer and we were sitting in the garden, and he turned to this young woman and said, "So what do you do? I do remember his saying laughingly, some time in"Sometimes I find it so odd to realize that I can write anything I want and it will be published. The language just lends itself to this wonderful kind of rhyming. It was the intelligence. District Court Judge Virginia Kendallwho last month called for the sanctions hearing after stating her opinion that Brodsky had been "overly aggressive in this case, that he's not following the rules of professional conduct.

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The moral seriousness he brought to the art form made a good deal of "postmodernist" verse look frivolous.

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The consultant position had existed for decades as a temporary appointment and modest sinecure for eminent poets. Another empire was finished. Envy of columns.

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First, Auden was a thoroughly modern poet who more or less rejected the modernist dispensation of vers libre, who disproved any presumption that to be modern required disposing with traditional verse forms.

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