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His parents, on the other hand, tried very hard to shield their son from this and give him a normal upbringing. Related Opinions Is Tupac alive? However, during a recent show, he dropped a bombshell to his fans that Tyler the creator is his boyfriend, who was also seen among his audience, shaking his head at the time. Smith did so in when he appeared as a model wearing a skirt in a Louis Vuitton womenswear campaign. Lemon with his partner Tim Malone and his mother: Should a celebrity's sexual orientation be national news? Read more from Yahoo Entertainment:

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The actor who played Darth Vador, David Prowse, stopped learned his lines when he learned they would be dubbed over.

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This is a rare victory for the President at the Ninth Circuit, which has ruled against him on several occasions. Should a celebrity's sexual orientation His motivation was said to be that he wanted a house of his own. Tyler, however, neither confirmed nor denied the claim. He has also been able to use the considerable amount of attention he has been getting for his fashion choice to push forward his business and charity interests. Most to Least Replies: Yahoo Celebrity February 12,

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I know there are big bucks in celebrity gossip and that people will stretch as far as they can to get a "scoop," but still at the end of the day Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's sexual orientation is none of our business nor is the private information of any other actor. Add a New Topic. He immediately became the first male to model female clothing for the French designer. Smith is a talented actor, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Should a celebrity's sexual orientation It is nobodies business but their own.

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