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R 92 min Drama, Romance. R min Comedy, Drama, Music. PG min Drama, Romance. Not Rated 30 min Drama, Romance. A British film about a closeted high schooler who starts a secret romance with his all-star athlete classmate. Damien lives with his mother Marianne, a doctor, while his father is on a tour of duty abroad. Jena Malone stars as a teenager who finds herself pregnant by her gay boyfriend and is then ostracized and demonized at her Christian high school.

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Szabolcs quits football against his father's will and returns to his country in Hungary to take charge of an inheritance from his grandfather.

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The glorious Emma Watson plays the object of his affection and Ezra Miller is outstanding as his edgy gay friend in what may be the most evocative coming-of-age film ever made. Not Rated 94 min Drama, Romance. Mike has felt alienated and alone for as long as he can remember, until a new boy arrives at his school - awakening feelings and a world of possibilities he'd never before dared to dream of. A tenderly romantic coming-of-age story as two boys in a British school fall in love. Two moments of Jonas's life intertwine, each reflecting the other: Tad Hilgenbrink stars as an out-of-the-closet gay teen who earns the support of an eclectic group of friends while contending with a homophobic bully at an international high school.

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TV 90 min Biography, Drama, Romance. The lives of the kids at Degrassi Community School dealing with the serious and sometimes taboo issues that plague teenagers. An unruly class of gifted and charming teenage boys are taught by two eccentric and innovative teachers, as their headmaster pushes for them all to get accepted into Oxford or Cambridge. There, he meets Aron and they both explore their identities. Based on the fascinating true-life story of Michael Glatze, a gay activist who becomes a Christian pastor after identifying as a heterosexual. PG min Drama, Romance.

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