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It's like a silent adoration, a quest for a timeless serenity. The worst things are unimaginable, though. The machinery of violence accelerated. After the Nazis tookover, Seel discovered that the local police had added him to their list of local homosexuals. But he was ashamed in any case, and so married, worked, and had children. The eyes of several prisoners converged in that direction.

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I have always been fascinated by the cult of the Virgin Mary.

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Scotland's rivers bask in record temperatures

I noticed a small, enigmatic blue bar on my shirt and on my cap. Some were not able to work because of the physical and mental impact of the violence, putting their families at risk of poverty. As I met with more and more refugees — almost across Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan and Lebanon — I received similar responses, and was inundated with heartbreaking stories. In Shirmeck camp, there is a place where eyes turn. The forest glowed around us. For fifty years now that scene has kept ceaselessly passing and re-passing though my mind. Shouts and yells urged us to get there without delay.

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Both his birth family, and his wife and children stuck by him. At the end of the War, he is released, but like all homosexual victims of the Nazis denied any recognition. Of a still inexpressible love? The experience had left him devastated, and he was too emotionally distraught to work, even though he had to care for his younger sister. To protect his family from retaliation, he did so. Had he arrived before or after me?

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