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Please re-read the opening post, you'll find that my remarks are confined to the Infantry and other combat arms. I don't care if a gay couple moves in next door, I don't care if they have their civil unions made the equivalent of marriage, it doesn't affect me a damn bit to extend insurance bennies to them, it doesn't bother me when they tease me about the way I eat ice cream. It would be really interesting to define a perfect sodier. My exposure to combat, while on on hand quite brutal and extreme given today's standards, was not like you see on Band of Brothers, which is, IMO, a real war It is real easy to be liberal when your idea of a "bad day" is when the vending machines are broken No, that's not right. The exact same thing I've written above, that "American Machismo" is based on "X", could easily have been stated "American Machismo would accept someone who slaughtered a 'nigger' family easily" in

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If school integration - never mind, I'll start another thread for that.

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Injury keeps Rahmatulla out of CWS

Get rid of those, you get rid of the impetus to keep women from being in combat roles. However, as I've said before, it's not just the men that are the problem, but society as a whole. GWT, I have one thing to say to you: I think it would be a good idea to tone down sexual tensions. It's a matter of the military being used as a social petri dish. While society as a whole may be more accepting of homosexuals now, you can argue the fact that it hasn't become normalized, and people still disagree with the lifestyle. Saying that "you can't understand" is tantamount to saying I don't want to discuss.

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Why should not all people participate in creating an equal society? This is a good point, I wish I had said it. Hijikata berates himself for not accurately perceiving the intertwined threads of love, hate, jealousy and deceit. You want to talk dead bodies? Maybe they're a "closet case", or maybe they had a "bad" experience as a child. That is of course a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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