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While Patric has granted many interviews presenting his case, Schreiber has only made a single appearance on TV, on The Today Show, about a year ago. She wanted biological father and son to have a relationship, just not a legal one. Parental roles are shifting with family dynamics and technological advances, he noted. Patric took his case to state lawmakers after a judge ruled he had no parental rights to Gus, the now 3-year-old son he conceived with Danielle Schreiber using in vitro fertilization. Schreiber said she offered Patric visitation rights -- which Patric disputes -- but that "this is about preserving rights that I knew I had when I chose to be a single mother, and it's about preserving stability in Gus' life.

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As a result, a judge denied Patric's claim.

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August 18, by Robert Franklin, Esq. The only thing he failed to do was consult an attorney before agreeing with Schreiber to father the child, not through intercourse, but with the assistance of a doctor. As for the director, Joel Schumacher, his reputation took a major hit from his two Batman films in the mids, especially critical and commercial failure Batman and Robin.

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He plants hints of Native American and Egyptian symbolism throughout, as well as vampire folklore.

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