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Again, this can be portrayed as a homosexual individual in love with someone of his or her own sex who happens to be straight and taken. Lyrics submitted by bloodomen. They're friends, this girl is tender and soft, not rough like a man, but she doesn't think of girls that way. Lyrics submitted by rjbucs28edited by Raiyden. Login with Google Error:

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Malchik Gay

There was an error. I think its this song is can be unisex. No Replies Log in to reply. Malchik Gay song meanings. General Comment And "Choking making motion" should be "Choking back emotion", right? Malchik Gay Translated Live Version song meanings. It's purpose was to appeal to ALL stereotypes, so as to sell and popularize everywhere.

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They might be friends even, but there is the onesided crush. I also agree with mypersonalsun's interpretation. Add your thoughts 47 Comments. Malchik Gay Translated Live Version song meanings. As far as the lesbian thing goes, they signed a contract, they portrayed lesbians as that contract told them they had to. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

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